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The Miracle Flights for Kids Story

August 25, 2017

There are a lot of sick kids out there, including many who need a lot of follow-up medical care or care or a second opinion. Sometimes, that care isn’t available locally, within range of a short car ride. they miss out because their parents don’t have the means to afford a plane ticket at today’s prices. That’s why Miracle Flights for Kids was established way back in 1985. In the intervening three decades, they have supplied tens of thousands of flight vouchers to families all over the country, and the flights have covered tens of millions of miles.

In order for a family to be eligible for the program, not much is required because they want everyone who needs their help to get it. All that is required by Miracle Flights for Kids is a local doctor's referral, a confirmation of the appointment and income verification. They work in a compassionate way because they know the only way they can continue to operate is by engendering trust in everyone concerned, including patients and their families, the communities they serve, as well as the people who donate to make these flights possible.